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Editorial: Ex-VP Touray Should Shut Up!

Ex-Vice-President Dr. Isatou Touray

So, what was not a progressive document (draft constitution) to her when she was close to the honey drum has now become fashionable to her when she got weaned off the honey!

Former Vice President Dr. Isatou Touray is now telling us the draft constitution, jettisoned by the government which she was part of, has some progressive aspects for women.

She has also been making attempts to make us believe she favours the draft constitution.

Two things here!

If at all our former VP didn’t like the rejection of the draft constitution yet decided to remain reticent, then she was a sycophant!

Sycophants talk less in front of their bosses.

In the worst case scenario, if the ex-VP liked the stalling of the draft document and is now indicating to us that she would like to see it rejuvenated, then she is not true to herself.

That’s self-deception!

You cannot be part of that grand scheme which undermined the draft yet suggesting to us that you wanted it back!

That’s not normal!

It’s hypocritical!

If at all you regret your complicity in the throwing overboard of the draft, the best way to go about it is a decent apology to your compatriots for stalling their progress in several fronts.

It’s human to feel remorse and this is in fact noble.

It’s fathomable that the guilty conscience of allowing D116m to go to waste can be overwhelming and overpowering, especially when you have to come back to the people to pretend to them that you love them through your ostensible activism.

Now, Gambians know who is who but better to atone for your misdeeds now than later.

Life after Vice President seems to be transforming you faster and better!

Good luck with the field work!

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