Bob Keita

It is your God giving right to advocate for and call for an impartial, speedy, fair and transparent Justice delivery system in The Gambia.

This can never ever in a million years amount to an interference of a court hearing. It is your God given right to advocate for and call for an overhaul of the Judical system of The Gambia.

My only caution is that whilst you continue your advocacy for change, that you operate within the ambit of the Law and resist all forms of tactics that would be employed by the security apparatus to put you on the wrong side of the Law.

One would have expected a sober, serious and diligent Government to summon the Attorney General and Minister of Justice and ask to show what evidence he has to ensure that a conviction is secured in this matter beyond all reasonable doubts and where he does not, to ask him to drop all charges against the accused person until that moment that they have good enough evidence to warrant an indictment.

One would have expected a cautionary condemnation on the Judicial Officers who have adjourned this matter over 30 times at their instance without giving any form of regard to the constitutional rights of the accused person who continues to languish in Mile Two Prisons remand wing whilst the state go on a fishing expedition to find evidnece against the accused person and invariably the presumption of innocence doctrine an absolute farce.

The foremost business of any serious government is to ensure and safeguard the welfare, dignity, and development of its people without which, national security becomes absolutely redundant. It will be quite a juxtaposition of priorities to maintain and guard jealousy the concept of National Security when your people are being suppressed and disabled by a weak, partial, slow and ineffective Justice delivery system.

Go out in your large numbers and seek for an end to impartial Justice. The government has taken note of your stance hence a press release has been issued. Do not cower to state intimidation tactics and do not relent in your pursuit for Justice for Bob Keita, Baby Muhammed and the alleged victim.

Enough is enough! Power belongs to the people and the state lives because the people live.