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Fatoumatta Jallow Tambajang’s Reconciliation: Why Now?

After almost three or so years of wrinkled relations, former VP Fatoumatta Jallow Tambajang has now set for herself the task of ironing out the differences between President Adama Barrow and his political mentor.

The ex-VP has expressed the ‘burning desire’ and the ‘zeal’ to restore normalcy to the rancorous relations between Barrow and Lawyer Ousainou Darboe.

On face value, this appears to be a pretty noble objective but a deep-dive into the former VP’s peace initiative does not leave us much convinced that it’s altruistic.

First off, we question the sincerity of ex-VP Jallow Tambajang to bring back peace between Darboe and Barrow because it has taken a considerable period of time for the Darboe-Barrow relations to fester to this seemingly irredeemable scale of decomposition.

Where was Madam Jallow Tambajang when political platforms were being used as launch-pad for hate speech, derogatory and incendiary political and tribal sentiments?

At least, an index finger should have been raised by our ‘peace-maker’ former VP when so-called minority tribes have been forewarned of ‘dire’ consequences if they vote in a certain political party and all this in full glare of Mr. Barrow who was apparently relishing the moment?

Why was reconciliation not of importance to FJT when President Barrow decided to derive great delight from Darboe bashings and pummelling from senior NPP members.

One such individual is the rejected former Tallinding NAM, Fatoumatta Jawara, who went haywire two or so years ago and literally desecrated Darboe with Barrow obviously savouring the moment.

In fact the disgraced Tallinding NAM is rewarded with a nomination to the legislature.

To be fair to the former VP, there’s no or not much trust between Barrow and Darboe, hence her declared desire to reunite them.

But it would seem she has a lot of trust-building to do.

FJT should have beckoned Barrow to order when she saw the President morphing into a terrier, ripping apart the country’s body politics.

Barrow did not only allow his supporters to use NPP platforms to debase opponents, he at times led the charge.

Our advise to the VP is to see how she can promote political decency, starting from the Presidency.

We need to evolve as a society and if the German saying that fish stinks from the head is anything to go by, then Barrow has to evolve and fast.

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