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Editorial: Saikou Mballow’s “Threats” Are Scary!

As it’s said, some people will go through university but university will not go through them!
There’s a similitude here with Saikou Mballow, who lived in the US for several years but the US has not apparently resided in him.

Last Thursday, Saikou Mballow was ranting and raving about the planned November 11 nationwide protests over a caboodle of issues such as perceived official corruption and uncontrollable cost of living.

But there was Saikou Mballow in the Star FM studio, issuing threats to citizens, who want to take advantage of their constitutionally guaranteed rights to vent in the streets their frustrations over the management of their affairs
Having domiciled in the US for some time, Saikou needn’t a reminder that protests are a hallmark of America’s envied democracy.

You see, we have to be honest with each other here!

The fact is not that Saikou Mballow did not know that Gambians have rights to protest but he just decided to ignore it.

You cannot be on the airwaves, branding citizens as “rebels” because they just want to tell their government to do more and better in the management of their affairs.

What’s wrong with citizens protesting over rising cost of food and perceived official corruption?
So, citizens do not have the right to wish for better?

This statement by Saikou Mballow, suggesting that those planning to demonstrate would be treated like rebels if they failed to obtain a permit is scary.

Scary in the sense that we do not still know whether it’s the same feeling and mood at State House.

As a presidential adviser, we expect Mballow to counsel the President to tell the IGP to give permit to citizens to exercise their right.

Anything sort of that will be bullish and unconstitutional!

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