Shut Up Alagie Barrow If You Don’t Have Anything Meaningful To Say!!!

So, Alagie Barrow can also metamorphose to a sycophant?

Until this morning, we’ve held Alagie Barrow in high esteem.

However, unbeknownst to us, this dude is another attention and favour seeker.

Mr. Barrow, why preach what you don’t believe in?

You are a cumbersome character, you know!

You are unpredictable!

You are a go-getter!

Certainly,you have more than once demonstrated that you can move heaven and earth just to get to your destination in life.

Mr. Barrow, was it not you who conspired with some Gambians to attack the State House in 2014 just to achieve some of your personal goals in life?

But the coward you are, you chickened out at the height of the operations and thereby exposing your comrades to danger and disastrous failure.

You exposed some to death and others to humiliation by deserting your position because of cowardice.

We are mentioning this here to show that you are a coward, an opportunist and a traitor.

At the time many thought you were on the right side of the truth, you once again exhibited that opportunists don’t have clear direction, focus, vision and mission in life.

Using the West Coast Radio to spew garbage against hardworking online journalists is yet another indication of how far you can go to get your way through either coercively or subtly.

To contextualize it,Alagie Barrow unashamedly went to town to describe some of the critical online platforms as tools of vengeance, attention seeking and casting aspersions.

In his weekly essay on West Coast Radio Coffee Time With Peter Gomez (www.wcr.gm), Mr. Barrow loosened up on some online media platforms like a canon, describing them as vehicles for spewing hate and vengeance and maligning honest officials.

This attack is grossly unfair, unwarranted, uncalled for and uncouth.

At a time when media experts are lamenting the moribund condition of the Gambian media, Alagie has the audacity to castigate the last bastion of the Gambian media.

You see Mr. Barrow, it’s not all about clicks!

Some of us have made the deliberate decision to assume personal agency in advancing our country through information sharing.

We know you have an expensive university degree under your belt!

We don’t have any degree in journalism but being in the same profession since leaving school some two decades ago, we learnt some tricks along the way.

We heard your definition of journalism but we were also mentored that journalism is also about making the comfortable officials uncomfortable.

What we mean by this is that we cannot allow our officials lead carefree lives while we entrust them with our lives and resources.

We, therefore,assume the collective agency to keep them in check.

To say some online media platforms are used to pull some government officials down by maligning them speaks to your parochial view of the entire Gambian media land and sea scapes.

As journalists, we do not only assume individual agency for our work but we also have house rules. We also have industry code of conduct and ethics.

Above all, there are laws in this country that deal with libel, slander, maligning, false publication and all the don’ts of journalism.

Citizens have the right to take recourse of the laws if they feel their rights are being violated by journalists.

So, you should be able to see the red lines; the boundaries if you like.

Stop haranguing and hectoring hardworking journalists!

We have a duty to inform and we don’t need your lopsided and unfair assessment of our work.

Attention or no attention beamed on us, we will endeavour to work harder in executing our roles and responsibilities as Honourable Members Of The Fourth Estate Of The Realm.

Stay mute if you don’t have anything meaningful to say, Mr. Barrow.


  1. Couldn’t agree more with your assessment of Alhagie the Hustler. He does not engage in any gainful preoccupation apart from exploiting the naivety of his desperate wife. After his attempted failed coup many came to his rescue. He was literally in foster care with the Njies before joining SMD . He is one of those preachers who hardly practice what they are preaching. He has nothing to offer apart from plagiarism

    • So you cannot help but also attack his family? Your hate will consume you. There is a reason cowards like you must hide your identity. You people know next to nothing about the man but yet you allow your hatred for him to continue consuming you. This is the problem when your father knocked up your mom in primary school. We know you too.

  2. The hate on this man will consume some of you idiots. Can you genuinely say there are no media houses that live by all that he described? I too listened to what he had to say and nowhere did he say that ALL the media houses are engaged in that behavior. Doesn’t he have a right to not be satisfied with the journalism that some practice? That you see your silly self in it is not Alhagi’s problem. Here you are using your platform to attack a decent citizen that you can never be in your miserable life. What does it say about you that you published a lot of what he wrote to make money on his articles but he says one thing you have a problem with and all of a sudden, he is a terrible person? And you are doing that through lies and slander. I just read Alhagi’s comments in the Standard Newspaper about December 30 and also listened to testimonies of others and he was never at State House on that fateful night but leave it to liars like you to make silly claims as if you were there. If you think he is what you described, why were you here benefitting from his mind? You just exemplified the issues he highlighted in the commentary you saw yourself in. Be honest and grow a thick skin. Do not use your platform to settle personal scores with others. I bet you never contacted Alhagi to explain himself. You simply got angry and decided to come here and attack him. If you are brave enough, go to his platform and tell him this nonsense you post here and see if you will not run with your tail tucked in. And now you have idiots like this Daffeh guy attacking the man’s wife on your page but you see nothing wrong with that either. The hate you people live with is what will eventually kill you.

  3. Modou Lamin injustice Darboe. you should go deal with alcohol and mental health issues and stop trying to destroy people your whole useless family can only dream to be like. are you not using your platform to insult and score personal scores? you and sainey are simply pathetic. he is wasting there and you are wasting here. look at yourselves. now make sure you publish this too.