Alagi Saidy-Barrow, Don’t Go To The Bantaba If You Cannot Stomach Garbage!

You see Mr. Barrow, one cannot rain down insults on an entire village only to turn around to say Alkalo not included.

This is an age-old and wisdom-laden Mandinka proverb you might be familiar with.

Words suggestive of blanket attack and collective ridicule were apparently peppered all over your essay.

You know very well, our battle-scared friend, that it was deliberate on your part to shoehorn all the online platforms into a generalized group by refusing to say which online platforms were publishing articles to berate good citizens.

It was a conscious decision on your part to give yourself the license to launch a blanket attack on the online media.

You just wanted to go unruly with everyone.

You were just behaving like a semiautomatic rifle in the hands of a mad man, firing in all directions because you just wanted to be clumsy with people.

You see, if a fair review is made of your promotions file, you should be stripped of your First Lieutenant title because you are a coward.

Yes, you’re timid!

You exhibited this during the battle for State House in 2012.

And, you’d once again shown that you are not even brave enough to clearly express your feelings.

Can’t you muster the courage and say for example, JollofNews editors and reporters were publishing stories for the sake of sensation as you said in your article?

Be real and stop exhibiting cowardice in everything you do.

Real men don’t engage in Garwaleh!

Since you lacked the courage to single out the subjects of your attack as well as deciding to go unruly with everyone, we decided to prick your conscience.

Mr. Barrow, our ego will never be bruised by a blabbering dude, who’s an enigma to even himself.

You’re puzzling to even yourself because you cannot even remember what you wrote in your essay.

So, you want us to remind you that you said some online platforms are hellbent on besmirching the good reputation of good citizens?

You can’t remember where you said this in your essay?

That’s selective amnesia as Lead Counsel would’ve said.

You see Alagi, we here at JollofNews look in nobody’s eyes when saying the truth.

Why should we dispute what you said about journalism?

The definition you borrowed about journalism is incontestable!

That’s not your definition of journalism but that of a journalism scholar.

So, you cannot hit your chest about that here.

It may interest you to know that we have also been criticizing journalism in this country.

You needn’t look far to know that. Just go to our editorial column and you will be enlightened.

Mr. Barrow, let us help you out. We are not demigods and we don’t pretend to be.

We are neither thin-skinned nor bullish.

And, we never tried to gag any voice, hence the republication of your articles as well as our efforts to give voice to everyone.

Yes, we held you in high esteem until that unfortunate Tuesday morning!

That’s the problem with trust and confidence.

They are not constant.

They can wane, dissipate and evaporate.

This is why many would die in providing safeguards for them.

Yes, we described you as a sycophant because the essay indicated that you wanted to massage few egos by attempting to go on war path with the online media.

You know fully well who or which group of people you wanted to appease!

You can only fool fools, Mr. Alagi!

You see, Mr. Barrow some online platforms did not just want to stoop so low to dignify your nonsense with a response.

Uncle Peter would’ve not censored you even if you attack all journalists.

Alagi Saidy-Barrow

So, you think the Old Cow will destroy the fodder?

He’s on top of his trade.

You just don’t understand.

Alagi, we here at JollofNews don’t harbour hate.

That’s why we are always at peace with ourselves.

If we’d been befuddled by grudge and nursing hate against you, we would’ve not been republishing your articles.

We are not our readers and our readers are not us.

If they feel they have suspicion or evidence of you lifting, that’s that.

What do you want us to do?

If we refuse to publish their comments, you’ll be the first to run to uncle Peter to tell him the online media is suffocating voices.

If you can go to West Coast Radio and say whatever you like about the online media, why shouldn’t we allow people to say one or few things they also knew or suspected about you?

Gambians are now weary of plagiarism!

Just ask Fatoumatta!

They caught him and he’s now very quite and disciplined at his corner in the US.

You see Ala, Yaa Ko Tey!

Yes, it’s all your fault.

Nobody brought the beautiful Horajah in this.

Until Tuesday, nobody was talking about the Deputy Lead Counsel.

She was enjoying the serenity of her life until her husband went on a rampage in people’s homes.

So, Horajah is mad at you for exposing her to public ridicule?

She has the right to be furious and exasperated because you exposed her to shame.

Had you not thrown stones from your brick house, nobody would’ve perhaps remember the Deputy Lead Counsel.

It’s your duty to console her for any embarrassment you might have caused her due to your missteps and recklessness.

Don’t go to the Bantaba if you cannot stomach rubbish.

We don’t need your validation to know whether we are good at what we are doing..

We know we are good!

As regards your articles, we would like to say here that: Ala, I la artikuloolu keep!

We thought we were doing you a favour by giving them a wider reach.

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