So, The Boys Have Strong Backing & Superior Firepower?

The operational framework of the alleged coup attempt as outlined by the National Security Adviser suggests a strong support for the coup efforts and availability of military hardware.

The details of the alleged coup attempt as given by the NSA have convinced us here at JollofNews that L/Cpl. Sanna Fadera had both the troops and military hardware at his disposal to successfully execute a putsch.

The battle-plan for State House, for example, may require few things.

Two of those things are that more boots needed to be on the ground to break State House’s line of defense or more arms and ammunition would be required for a blitz.

Remember, State House is heavily fortified with Gambian security and ECOMIG forces.

So, moving in on State House will require both superior firepower and greater numerical strength.

Another suicidal mission will be that of few soldiers, braving to seal off the hugely mechanized ECOMIG.

Again, this requires capability!

Did the boys have the capability to engage ECOMIG in a firefight without popular support from the army or elsewhere?

Forcefully taking over and sealing off State House, taking control of the communications and energy infrastructures and controlling strategic locations all require personnel and sophisticated firepower because they would’ve been like opening up multiple battle fronts in the operations.

Certainly, opening various fronts in the operations requires strong backing from the army or elsewhere.

If at all it was the plan of the boys to take the ministers hostage while they were gathered together as State House, it may make sense.

Otherwise, they would’ve needed strong backing from the security forces or elsewhere.

Whatever the case, JollofNews is keenly following the developments.

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